TestNow™ is an online testing system that enables you to conveniently schedule and take OpenEDG and OpenEDG industry and education partners' exams in a secure environment. You can take the exams from the comfort of your own home or at an authorized testing center with the same test experience.

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LiveProctor and AutoProctor modes

You can schedule your Python exam using the TestNow™ exam booking tools. If you are taking your test at home and using AutoProctor, you can schedule the exam for any time you want. If you are taking the exam at an authorized testing center or you are using a live proctor, then you will be limited to the opening hours of the testing center or the availability of a proctor.

TestNow™ allows you to take tests with a live proctor. If you choose this option, you can select Live Proctor from the Proctor Selection List when scheduling an exam, and you will then be able to choose a day and time when a live proctor is available. If you do not want a live proctor, a live proctor is unavailable at the time you wish to take your exam, or an exam is not delivered in this mode, you can take advantage of our own AutoProctor, an AI-developed monitoring system that observes you as you are taking the exam.

Credential Verification Services

Each test candidate who passes the test will receive a digital credential, which they can use to promote their skills.

  • Certificate verification: an official document issued by the exam sponsor, easily authenticated at https://verify.openedg.org/.
  • Score report verification: an online system to verify the authenticity of a certificate holder's score report.
  • Digital badge: a small digital badge that can be posted to social media, or included as an email signature, that lets people know that the holder is qualified to perform the functions related to the badge.