Edube Interactive™

Edube Interactive is an OpenEDG project – an education and assessment platform designed to provide access to high-quality courses and study resources for everyone, everywhere, at any time. Our mission is to enhance the learning and teaching experience both online and as part of on-site and on-campus training. Edube Interactive is an OpenEDG learning and testing hub, which combines interactive tools and globally recognized curricula designed for learning, teaching, and evaluating programming and IT-related skills. Our goal is to enhance the ways in which educational and assessment programs are offered and provided to students and test candidates.

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Edube Interactive features a number of unique and highly effective didactic tools integrated within the courses: browser-based programming environments; courseware; tests; assessments; and lab scenarios, all of which guide students through their educational journey and equip them with a set of hard skills sought after in the job markets of today and tomorrow.

Edube Sandbox™

Sandbox is an online, interactive, easy-to-use, lightweight, browser-based programming environment developed by OpenEDG. Design, build, tinker, test, and experiment. Play with your code and share it with others! With the Sandbox you get all the tools you need to write and test your code online, with no additional setup, download, installation, or configuration. Write your code from anywhere in the world, on any device that has an Internet connection and an Internet browser. Even though you access it remotely, you'll quickly see that it feels local.

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The Sandbox has been created in harmony with the concept of minimalist design. As a result, it features two screens only: the editor and the console. There are no unnecessary elements or disturbing ads to distract you from your coding work and practicing – and there will never be.

OpenEDG Testing Service

OpenEDG Testing Service is an advanced, full-spectrum, multi-solution and multi-modal test design, management, and delivery system that provides a first-class user experience as well as a comprehensive set of tools for test creation, administration, proctoring, delivery, and test-taking, with top of the range mechanisms for protecting exam integrity, issuing and managing credentials, and analyzing exam metrics.


TestNow is an online test delivery system owned, developed, and maintained by OpenEDG. From the organization point of view, TestNow allows you to create, manage, and administer your own tests in a simple and lightweight environment, and provide both the security and integrity of the exam through the use of the AI-developed monitoring algorithms and the possibility of using human proctors. From the test-taker perspective, it has been designed to make it as easy as possible for test candidates to take exams online, directly in a web browser, with minimal effort.

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You can take it either from the comfort of your own home or at an authorized OpenEDG testing center. In either case, your test experience will be the same – very good.