OpenEDG JS Institute

Established in 2021, the JS Institute is a project venture run and managed by OpenEDG, whose aim is to support the education and industry sectors, and help them fulfill their JavaScript needs, as well as support the development of the JavaScript language and its global community.

OpenEDG JS Institute also offers independent and vendor-neutral certification programs in the JavaScript programming language, delivered in cooperation with world-renowned schools, colleges, and universities; training companies and IT industry leaders; and available through the OpenEDG Testing Service, OnVUE Online Proctoring, and a network of 5,000 accredited Pearson VUE testing centers.

Goals and mission

  • Work closely with the education sector to ensure that both private and public educational organizations are able to fulfil their needs and commitments with regard to the JavaScript language;
  • Assist individuals in sourcing scholarships in order to pursue their educational goals;
  • Provide teaching tools for educational institutions;
  • Help create and adapt curriculums and frameworks for course design and delivery;
  • Develop methodologies for teaching JavaScript;
  • Develop certification exams;
  • Elevate the quality of programming education in general;
  • Teach more specialized JavaScript skills;
  • Support and foster the development of the JavaScript language and its vibrant communities;
  • Promote the implementation and development of the JavaScript language and open-source projects, especially those that address the needs and crises that exist in the world today;
  • Support marginalized communities and assist them in community-led projects centered on the implementation of the JavaScript language.

Training and certifications

Open Education and Development Group together with Cisco Networking Academy – the leading global education program, Pearson VUE – the leader in computer-based testing, and a network of OpenEDG Strategic, Education, and Testing Service Partners, have established collaboration for the delivery of learning and certification programs created for the JavaScript programming language.

Training courses

The JS Institute courses are designed with all the most important elements of interactive learning scenarios, gamified motivation systems, and well-planned learning paths. The courses cover theoretical and practical concepts essential for interacting with real-life programming tasks and situations. They incorporate quizzes, tests, interactive assessments, and lab exercises that facilitate the understanding of programming concepts and the conversion of knowledge into practical skills.

Industry certifications

The OpenEDG JS Institute certification program was designed following a rigorous process of industry and market research to accurately determine the demand for specialized professionals in the given sectors: through Job Task Analyses (JTAs), Training Needs Analyses (TNAs), and Skills Gap Analyses (SGAs) aiming to identify the work requirements and skills sought by employers looking to hire Python programmers; and an intensive examination of the education system that lays out the foundation for the training and development of IT specialists, web developers, managers, and aspiring programmers.

OpenEDG JS Institute Certification Roadmap

Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG), in its certification development process, adopts a meticulous, consultation-driven, and competency-oriented approach to test design, utilizing qualitative development frameworks, subject-centered design patterns, and psychometric modelling conducted in alignment with the prescriptive guidance for educational and psychological assessment practices put forth in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME), European Test User Standards (EFPA, EAWOP), and the European Test Review Model (EFPA, EAWOP).

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