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The C++ Institute has defined two paths of education, testing, and certification. The first path covers the C programming language, and the second the C++ programming language. Each programming path offers two levels of qualifications: associate and professional.

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The Python Institute has defined a global certification path for the Python programming language, and has developed an international Python programming examination standard.

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We believe that everyone with an OpenEDG Python Institute and C++ Institute certifications has a great story to share with others. Tell the world how doing our courses and becoming OpenEDG certified has had an impact on your life! Your success can be the motivation to help others achieve their goals and change their lives for the better. Give others inspiration and encourage them to succeed.


The IT industry continues to lead the way in harnessing the many benefits of computer-based testing and certification. The C++ Institute’s decision to launch this certification programme demonstrates its commitment to driving the industry forward with the provision of talented, certified professionals. – Matthew Poyiadgi, Vice President EMEA at Pearson VUE


I always dreamed of having a Software Development Engineer Job, and after 3 years I finally got It. I went into a technical evaluation and made it to the final interview, but this would have probably meant nothing, if I had stumbled when being asked C++ questions that require deep understanding of the language, and this is exactly what I got throughout the C++ Institute CPA certification process. – Daniel Vidales, Software Developer, Mexico