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An important element of our educational mission is our advanced e-learning program which contains elements of modern teaching, such as milestones, motivational tools and skills verification system. Continuous formative assessments will help to determine candidates’ understanding of a given subject – indicating whether they should move on to the next module or revisit the current one – to maximize their chances of obtaining a valuable certification that can be translated into success on the job market.

The e-learning platform is offered free of charge to all candidates and organizations who wish to utilize the e-learning and curriculum provided in order to create training courses.

Your goal is our goal

We want to help you as much as we can to pass your certification exam. We want to make sure that you are motivated enough and that your progress is being recognized. We want your learning to be as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible!

We know well that doing an online course with no supervision requires a lot of self-discipline, consistency and motivation. That’s why we have prepared a powerful motivational tool for you, combined with high-quality and easy-to-follow study materials that will equip you with the fundamental knowledge required to pass certification exams and gain recognition for your IT and programming expertise!

Sign up for our online courses in C, C++ and Python programming and prepare for our certification exams, delivered at Pearson VUE Test Centers.

All the courseware and all the module quizzes and assessments are available from the moment you sign up and select the course you’re interested in. The first module assessment remains active exactly two weeks from the moment you start doing your chosen course. All the subsequent module assessments are locked every consecutive seven days, which means that, at the start, you have two weeks to complete the first module, at least three weeks to complete the second one, at least four weeks to complete the third one etc.

The best and most recommended practice is, therefore, to take module assessments on the same day every week and study consistently and systematically.


OpenEDG Education Platform for schools and organizations!

OpenEDG offers its Education Platform to schools, universities and training organizations via the OpenEDG Python Institute and C++ Institute Authorized Academy programs. The e-learning platform provides access to Python, C and C++ educational programs and modern didactic tools designed to improve students’ learning experience and boost their engagement in the process of learning and developing their Python as well as C/C++ skills. It is also a great tool for teachers to improve their didactic efficiency and enhance the didactic content in a teaching/learning environment. If you are a teacher of programming or a representative of a school or organization conducting Python or C/C++ classes, then this is the right tool for you!

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