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Python, C and C++ are currently among the most popular programming languages in the world.

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Practice Labs

All of our courses include labs that help the student practice skills addressed in class or prepare for the next class. You can choose from over 300 labs to facilitate the understanding of programming concepts and the conversion of knowledge into practical skills.

To do the labs, you can use a dedicated, interactive on-line programming environment – Edube. Edube allows Python code to be run in an Internet browser.

It is a tool integrated with the course, which can be used as a browser-based Python sandbox that allows to test code discussed throughout the course, as well as an interpreter that enables to launch, perform and test lab exercises specifically designed for this course.

Quizzes and Module Tests

All the courseware and all the chapter assessments become available from the moment you sign up and select the course you are interested in. The first chapter assessment will remain active exactly two weeks from the moment you start doing the desired course. All the subsequent chapter assessments will be locked every consecutive seven days, which means that at the start you have two weeks to complete the first chapter, at least three weeks to complete the second one, at least four weeks to complete the third one etc.

The best and most recommended practice is, therefore, to take chapter assessments on the same day every week and study consistently and systematically.