Edube Interactive is a tool integrated with our courses, which can be used as a browser-based Python sandbox that allows to test code discussed throughout the course, as well as an interpreter that enables to launch, perform and test lab exercises specifically designed for our courses.

The Sandbox interface consists of three main parts:

  • the Editor window, which lets you type in your code,
  • the Console window, which lets you see the output of your programs,
  • and the Action Buttons bar, which lets you run your code, refresh the editor window, download or upload your programs which will be displayed in the editor, and the Settings button, which lets you adjust display settings and switch between Python interpreter and C/C++ compilers.

Our courses include labs that help the student practice skills addressed in class or prepare for the next class. The student can choose from over 300 labs to facilitate the understanding of IT and programming concepts and the conversion of knowledge into practical skills.

The Edube Labs interface has one important difference compared to the Sandbox feature – it consists of an additional window that is filled with lab instructions.

Before doing a lab, you can see how much time you will need to spend on it (Estimated time), how difficult it is to do it (Level of difficulty), and you can check what you will learn (Objectives). In the Scenario field the student will find detailed instructions about what you are expected to do to complete a given exercise. If possible, they can navigate between the labs either by clicking the arrow(s) located next to the lab title, or by opening the Lab Assignments menu, which will display all the labs available in the course or a given module.

The lab list allows the student to switch from one lab to another in a user-friendly way. If they want to test or experiment with their own code, they can always click the Sandbox button and switch to the Sandbox feature. Edube has been designed to enrich the student’s learning experience throughout the course and allow them to test their code from mobile devices. For the best learning experience, we advise that you take advantage of all the benefits that come with Edube Sandbox and Labs, as well as install a local programming environment.

Edube is still in beta. We are working hard to improve the functionality of the tool.

At all times you are more than welcome to share your thoughts with us and send us your feedback. We do care for providing you with the best possible learning resources and learning experience, that’s why we’ll be happy to hear about your valuable suggestions and observations. Edube Labs can be accessed only from within the courses, where a given lab can be done. Still, everyone is more than welcome to use the Sandbox feature!

Check out Edube Sandbox

Try your own code with Edube Sanbox. See how easy it is.