Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG), through its educational, assessment and certification programs, brings together a committed community of IT professionals, programming specialists, programming enthusiasts, education establishments, training organizations, companies and volunteers who strive for quality development, assessment excellence and the promotion of programming and IT-related technologies.

OpenEDG was established on the foundations of the C++ Institute in 2011. Since then we have been engaged in activities that revolve around supporting initiatives to promote the idea of building a modern, educated and digital society. Part of our mission is to set the standard of skills as well as provide development opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career in programming and IT technologies. We strive to help IT specialists, programmers as well as aspiring programmers from all over the world to expand their programming knowledge and help them gain recognition for their IT and programming skills. We believe in the power of education.

We are a group of people passionate about IT and education, and we are proud to be involved in the biggest and most exciting educational projects in the world.